Monday, December 21, 2009

Spousal Infidelities

My wife done me wrong.

Ten days ago when I reported Gilda had been inside the hall where the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to President Obama, I was misinformed and in turn misinformed. Gilda’s trip, she later recalled, had been to Stockholm, where she did indeed visit the site of the Nobel Prize ceremonies. All Nobel Prizes are given out in the Stockholm Concert Hall, all, that is, save the Peace Prize which is awarded in Oslo.

Since I’m writing again about her trip, I might as well provide more details about her experience as a pseudo-terrorist.

Gilda traveled to Sweden several weeks after our family vacation in Israel in 1990. Her flight to Stockholm included a stopover and plane change in Amsterdam where airport security reviewed her passport with its Israeli stamps.

With apparent thoughts of the book and movie The Little Drummer Girl in mind, they took her into a separate room and interrogated her about her visit to Israel. They searched her from top to bottom and examined every piece of clothing in her suitcase. They even took apart her hair dryer. Eventually, they decided she was not a Palestinian terrorist and let her board the flight to Stockholm.

Mantle of Fidelity: Back in September, I wrote about meeting Derek Jeter, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods at the opening of Nike Town in Manhattan some 10 years ago.

Now that both Jordan and Woods have fallen off the fidelity mantle (whoa, was using that descriptor, “mantle,” a subconscious knock on The Mick, whose infidelities were widely known but not reported by a more compliant press, but later acknowledged by him?), does that leave us with Jeter alone as an icon we can trust?

I don’t follow Jeter’s love life, but at least he has had the decency (or smarts) to stay single during his career. He can’t be accused of turning his back on marriage vows, of cheating, except for the occasional phantom touch or tag at second base (and I’m talking baseball here, not some make-out move).