Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Day 55 Nat'l Emergency: Film Fare for Kids

Our oldest grandchild, 10-year-old Finley, asked in a letter (yes, one benefit of the shelter in place regimen is increased letter, not email, writing between generations. Sort of a comfort food-type communications form gaining traction, at least in our family) if I had any movie suggestions for him and seven-year-old Dagny to help pass the time during the extended coronavirus break from school.

Here’s what I mailed back (this posting might supersede postal service delivery so don’t spoil his joy by asking him about it before Sunday).

I’m old fashioned in most of my selections. I generally don’t like computer generated graphics so I stayed away from most sci-fi movies. Violent films also didn’t make my list. I did include some films that had a modicum of love interest and possibly even some sexual interactions (e.g., the scene in Big when Tom Hanks as Josh touches  the breast of Elizabeth Perkins’ character). 

I’ve eschewed animated films, except one. Nothing wrong with them. I like many of them. I simply preferred providing a list of movies with real life actors.

My list is far from exhaustive. (By comparison, check out the Top 100 kids’ flicks suggested by Rotten Tomatoes—

Let me know what movies you would add, or delete, from my list:

Harry and the Hendersons


Stand by Me

Freaky Friday

Back to the Future

13 Going on 30



The Absent Minded Professor

Herbie the Love Bug


Mrs. Doubtfire

Night at the Museum


The Adventures of Robin Hood

The Seahawk

Captain Blood


Trains Planes and Automobiles

Home Alone


The Princess Bride

The Parent Trap


Chicken Run