Wednesday, February 17, 2021

No Tears for Limbaugh

 Was I wrong to have cheered when I heard the news Rush Limbaugh died? Will I suffer eternal damnation for exulting that one of God’s creations no longer will live-spill bile on the airwaves? 

I think not. As quoted in The New York Times obituary, Limbaugh said, “I have talent on loan from God.” Apparently, the loan came due Wednesday ( 

What took so long?

I’m normally more respectful of the departed, but I rank Limbaugh up there with other notable figures who made our country and world worse off for their presence. As good a performer that he was, and he was quite good, Limbaugh used his skill to make denigration and humiliation publicly acceptable. 

He spouted wild conspiracy theories. He espoused a vision of America that was unicolored in its whiteness and racist in its belief that people of any other color were inferior, not worthy of his American dream. He demeaned feminism, was much harsher toward the LGBTQ community. He rejected environmentalism and liberalism, of course. 

His broadcasting success, his ability to fashion conservative thought, spawned numerous copycats on radio, TV and the Internet. Ultimately, it begot Donald Trump, sufficient reason for me to disavow any feelings of compassion about his passing.