Friday, February 4, 2022

A Wisdom Tooth Out and Two Crowns to Come, A List of Favorite Films with Dentists

Having never had my tonsils out I missed the juvenile enjoyment of a recuperatory ice cream-focused menu. Now, as I approach my 73rd birthday, I am on an ice cream and whipped cream diet during an oral surgeon imposed restriction on eating hard and hot foods, even liquid nourishment like hot soup, after he pulled my last wisdom tooth Wednesday afternoon.

That tooth, on the lower right side of my jaw, came out during a painless procedure performed under sedation by the same specialist who removed my top right wisdom tooth eight years ago without complications.

For the first two of my previous extractions I could not give a similar assessment. Each encompassed a painful experience (

I’m not finished with immediate dental work. My regular dentist has prescribed two replacement crowns on the left side of my mouth, though mysteriously the intermittent pain they have caused has vanished ever since the wisdom tooth on the right side was extracted. I’ll see what dentist Mitch has to say next week.

Mitch is a loyal reader of my blog so he probably will not be surprised by the unexpected turn of events, though I doubt he will change his mind about the efficacy of the recommended procedures.

Last week I asked him if he had any suggestions for a list I was compiling of movies with characters who were dentists. Alas, he did not. So you’re stuck with my favorites:

Marathon Man

Finding Nemo

Little Shop of Horrors (musical and straight versions)

My Darling Clementine

The In-laws (1979 Alan Arkin-Peter Falk version)


Gunfight at the O.K. Corral

The Hangover


Django Unchained

I don’t normally include television shows in my movie lists but this classic Tim Conway-Harvey Korman skit from The Carol Burnett show is too good to leave out (