Sunday, January 8, 2023

What Will Kevin Do Now to Make US Better?

Now that he is Speaker of the House, what are Kevin McCarthy’s plans for making America better?

Specifically, how will he curb homelessness? How will he make housing affordable to middle class and working class families? 

How will he make healthcare more accessible and affordable? 

How will he make safe, clean water available to all? How will he make the air we breathe safer and cleaner? 

How will he reduce our dependence on fossil fuels? 

How will he invest in repairing infrastructure throughout our land?

How will he represent to the world America’s commitment to freedom and human rights? 

The title Speaker of the House implies a position of leadership, of advancement of benefits, not a retreat. 

As Speaker he is a representative of a nation beyond his conservative Bakersfield, Calif., district. 

How will he respond to the majority of Americans who favor a woman’s right to make her own health decisions, including the right to choose an abortion? What action will he take in support of the majority of Americans’ belief that more gun control legislation is needed? 

Oh, I am not so naive as to believe McCarthy will do anything but try to advance the fringe agenda of far right extremists in the Republican Party. He might even be willing to shut down the government and reject an increase in the debt ceiling limit if such actions would keep the extremists from ousting him as speaker, for his ultimate allegiance is to his aggrandizement and not the integrity and standing of the United States.  

We know he will agree to investigation after investigation of alleged misdeeds by President Biden, his family and members of his administration, even if such probes have no basis in reality or possibility of improving the lives of everyday Americans. 

Perhaps he will establish a new January 6 special committee to tell the Trump version of events. Of course, that might expose Trump, Mark Meadows, Rudy Giuliani et al to cross examination under oath by Democrats on the committee, so I guess that idea is a non starter. 

Poor Kevin. He was handed the ceremonial speaker’s gavel but truly has little of the power of the office.