Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Aftermath of the Attack: Another Voice

There are so many articles to read, so many telecasts to view, so many podcasts to listen to. 

I admittedly limit my absorption of them all. There is a limit to how deep a depression I can self-inflict. 

Sure, I will miss some details of the tragic attack inside Israel that has shaken the very foundations of the country, its belief in the military, its government, its ability to rebound from evil. I will miss scale but not concept of the assault on innocents by terrorists.

Indeed, it is not new information that Hamas considers all Jewish Israelis—men, women, children of all ages—to be military personnel in a state they have vowed to eradicate. For that matter, Hamas also consider Christians fair game for death. 

A terrorist organization, Hamas is the de facto government of the Gaza Strip. Hamas runs a repressive region where those who voice opposition are killed, where international funds intended for humanitarian aid are siphoned off to finance bombs, combat tunnels, missiles to be used against Israel, and of course, monies to line the pockets of Hamas leaders. Gaza could have become an enclave of industry and tourism, its people industrious, its Mediterranean beaches warm and inviting. Instead, Hamas has cultivated a strip of squalor. 

Among my readings today was an article in Tablet from Yasmine Mohammed, described as a “human rights campaigner,” who “advocates for the rights of women living within Muslim majority countries, as well as those who struggle under religious fundamentalism anywhere. She is the author of “Unveiled: How Western Liberals Empower Radical Islam” and the president of the nonprofit organization Free Hearts Free Minds.” 

Her family came from Gaza. I commend her article: