Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Day 169 Nat'l Emergency: Your Choice of Values

 This election is not between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

This election is not between Republicans and Democrats.

This election is between fear and hope. 

The choices November 3rd contain lists of names. For Republicans, the list is headed by Trump. For Democrats, Biden tops the list.

Actually, we will not be choosing between two septuagenarians. We will be choosing between their respective value systems that reward:

Indecency or decency

Fiction or non fiction

Lies or truth

Ego fulfillment or empathy

Alchemy or science

Voodoo doctors or medical doctors

Racism or equal opportunity

“It is what it is” or compassion

Self interest or national interest

Restrictions on voting or extended voting rights

Rejection of alliances or respect for allies

Distortion or reality

A bully or a mensch

Autocracy or democracy

A conspiracy believer or fact-based decision maker

Disrespect or respect

Both Trump and Biden agree on one thing—this election could be the most important ever for its impact on the future of America. 

Voters will decide what type of country they want America to be.