Tuesday, November 24, 2020

57 Days to a Fresh Start: Time for a Toast

Joe Biden won the presidency, leaving Donald Trump to mope around the White House angry and humiliated that he lost “to the worst candidate in history.” His words, not mine. 

Of course Biden isn’t, but Trump has to keep telling himself so. His ego demands it. His ego demands an explanation. Fraud. That’s it. Biden stole the election. “Dumb” Joe beat a “genius” by being part of an international cabal. George Soros was behind it. Ya gotta include George Soros in any conspiracy theory or the rubes won’t buy into it. 

Trump is a teetotaler, but I wonder if in the middle of the night he’s wandering White House halls in a stupor like Richard Nixon did in the last days of his ignoble presidency? Is he talking to portraits of past presidents, as Nixon did? Commiserating with other one-term wonders, Carter, Bush I, Hoover, all victims of economic disasters? At least Trump wouldn’t have to face Barack Obama. He probably is glad he kept Obama’s portrait out of the White House. 

Trump pulled in nearly 11 million more votes than he did in 2016. How could he lose if 73.8 million bought his deceits, his lies, his ineptitude, his comic strip incompetence, his grifting, his devaluation of American institutions, his overt and covert racism? Surely, he is telling himself, I am the most successful incumbent vote getter of all time. How could I lose? 

Trump will never understand why and how he lost. Forget all the high-priced analysis of Biden’s targeted appeals to different interest groups—blacks, Latinos, seniors, union workers, suburban moms, disaffected Republicans, college graduates. 

Trump lost because it turns out there are more Americans who share real American values—honesty, decency, respect, empathy, compassion and Superman’s trinity of “truth, justice and the American way”—than those who would accept their demise. 

Trump won’t join us, but don’t you think America’s return to a path of normalcy is worth celebrating with a real stiff drink? L’chaim! Skoal! Salute! Cheers! Gan bay! Prost! Santé! Salud! Sei gesund!