Sunday, November 22, 2020

59 Days to A Fresh Start: The Ultimate Humiliation

 The headline above the Daily Mail article read, in part, “Trump campaign THANKS Obama-appointed judge who rejected their bid to overturn Pennsylvania’s result …  because he ‘helped get their case to the Supreme Court’” (

Disregard for a moment the fact that U.S. District Judge Matthew W. Brann was a Republican when  he was appointed.  To me, the ultimate humiliation for Donald Trump’s pathetic attempt to wrest an election victory from Joe Biden, and in so doing destroy our democracy, would be a unanimous rejection by the U.S. Supreme Court.

A swift 9-0 dismissal of his claims of voter fraud and other chicanery would help restore faith in the independence of the judiciary and in the belief that truth is the foundation for the trust the American people place in their elected leaders.

Am I whistling in the wind hoping for such an outcome? I think not. Even conservative justices, including those appointed by Trump, should be intelligent and nonpartisan enough to see through the implausible conspiracy theories Trump has spouted in his attempt to disenfranchise mostly minority voters in states across the country.

A unanimous rejection would parallel the 8-0 decision by the Burger Court in 1974 commanding President Richard Nixon to turn over the Oval Office tapes that proved his part in the Watergate coverup conspiracy that led to his resignation.

Will it come to pass? Will the court tell the baby-in-chief to “man up, you lost fair and square, your lease expires soon so pack up your tanning machine, facial creams and hair dyes and be outta the White House by noon, January 20?”

Will it happen? I can hope, can’t I?