Friday, June 28, 2024

An Open Letter to Jill Biden

 (Written with extreme anguish)  


For the sake of the country, for the sake of your husband’s legacy, please, please prevail upon Joe Biden to abandon his campaign to seek a second term as president of the United States. 

Thursday night’s debate was a debacle. From the moment he stepped onto the stage appearing ghostly, wane and fragile Joe was unable to counterpunch the tanned, motor-mouthed Donald Trump. He tried to refute Trump’s exaggerations and outright lies but was stymied by poor preparation, difficulty controlling his stutter, and a failure to aggressively attack his opponent. 

Trump took advantage. Repeatedly he ignored moderator questions on topics including child care support, climate mitigation and acceptance of election results to simply pummel your husband’s record. Joe never pointed out Trump evaded because he has no plans. He never compared Trump’s ineffective “infrastructure week” bluster with his own deservedly effective infrastructure legislation. 

From the opening question Joe seemed to confirm Special counsel Robert Hur’s assessment of him as an “elderly man with a poor memory.” Biden provided no visible assurances he would be able to perform presidential duties for the next four years. 

It may be too late to change horses in this race. But for Democrats to have any chance to stave off a second Trump term decisive immediate action must be taken. That can only happen if you, Jill, talk him down from the narrow ledge on which he and the nation precariously stand. Don’t worry about who should run in his stead. There are abundant possibilities—Kamala, Amy, Gavin, Corey, Phil, Jay, Pete. Let the Democratic Party National Convention in August decide. The old fashioned way. 

I never accepted comparisons to Ruth Bader Ginsburg overstaying her time on the Supreme Court. Until what I saw Thursday night. 

Perhaps in private Joe can command a discussion and formulate legislation, executive orders and foreign affairs. But the presidency requires and demands a public persona he can no longer convey.  

Do the merciful, patriotic thing, Jill. Convince Joe not to run anymore.