Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Day 176 Nat'l Emergency: Facebook Voices

 If you don’t get the same Facebook feed I do, here are some of the choice postings you may have missed in the last two days:

Corrine Kohlmeyer-Hyman reposted Ruth Venbridge: 

For the record, the movement

isn’t anti-Police.

It is anti-Police brutality.

Seems some of you are 


Carlos Sanchez Jr. posted:

I’m confused.

Trump supporters are

saying if he wins 

re-election, Trump will

stop the virus, stop the

riots, and fix the economy.

But isn’t he

president now?

Lee Forseter Silber reposted Lee J. Carter:

The history of Nazis holding rallies in

left-wing areas of Weimar Germany,

instigating street fights, and then

tellings the press that only they could

save Germany from the “violent

communists” seems like an

important thing for people to be 

studying right now.

Left Action displayed an election button saying:


is just like


If you want to go Backwards


If you want to go Forward


A roadside sign, also from Left Action:

Can we just admit we may

have taken this “Anyone can 

grow up to be president”

thing just a bit too far…?

Abdul El Sayed had this message reposted by Lee Forseter Silber:

When was the last time you saw a

Black, Latino, Native, or Arab man

walking around with an AR-15

around some cops?

That’d be suicide.

The people who scream loudest

about the 2nd amendment don’t

intend it to apply to us.

In fact, they intend to apply it 


Harold Brooks reposted Andy Cohen:


Your skin is not white

Your parents need medical care

Your spouse is an immigrant

Your land is on fire

Your child is transgender

Your house is flooded

Your sister is a victim of gun violence

Your brother is gay

Your water is unsafe

Because privilege has

No place in an election,

But empathy does

Elaine Korowitz posted:

The most

chilling aspect

of the last 4

years is knowing

that 40% of this

country can’t

recognize evil

when they see it.

Randy C. Roberts was reposted by Ari Silber:

I say “Black Lives Matter”

because “All” didn’t cover

Black when they said “All

men are created equal.”

I say “Black Lives Matter”

because “All” didn’t cover 

Black when they said 

“With liberty and 

justice for all.”

I say “Black

Lives Matter”

because they’re 

still struggling 

with the 

definition of 


(Editor’s note: Monday’s list of masked-themed movies/TV shows was not as complete as I would have liked. My friend Lloyd Schloss pointed out I neglected to include “Silence of the Lambs.”)

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  1. I want black and brown people to be able to feel the same way I do when I interact with the police-like my life and physical safety are not threatened. Is that too much to ask?