Monday, September 21, 2020

Day 196 Nat'l Emergency: Truth in Labeling

 Isn’t it time we invoked a version of the Truth in Labeling standard for the Republican Party? We should call it what it is—the Trumpian Party.   

Ingredients:  Racism. Xenophobia. Bigotry. Egotism. Sexism. Lying. Hypocrisy. Nastiness. Homophobia. Misogyny. Repression. Oppression. Denial. White Supremacy. Fear-mongering. Intolerance. Arrogance. Disloyalty. Narcissism. Anti-science.

Common Uses: Obstruction of voting rights. Obstruction of asylum rights. Obstruction of equal opportunity laws. Rejection of scientific and medical knowledge. Removal of environmental protections laws. Removal of worker protection laws. Denial of climate change. Accelerating income inequality. Rejection of allies. Rejection of professionalism. Acceptance of despots. 

Warnings: Autocratic tendencies. Hazardous to the preservation of democratic values and democracy itself. 

Antidote: Vote Democratic November 3.