Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Day 205 Nat'l Emergency: 10 Ways to Control Trump

 Ten ways the Commission on Presidential Debates could control Donald Trump’s interruptions while Joe Biden is speaking:

  1. Have a voice like his mother’s say, “Donny, behave yourself. Let Joe speak;” 
  2. Cut off his mic (though he would continue to speak and possibly annoy Biden and those trying to listen to Biden);
  3. Zap him with electronic impulses built into his lectern;
  4. Taser him if his bulk shields him from being affected by the electronic impulses;
  5. Shine strobe lights at him to disorient him;
  6. As he is standing at his lectern, open a trap door if he interrupts;
  7. Drop a cone of silence on him;
  8. To distract him, build into his lectern a tray with KFC drumsticks that pops up with each interruption;
  9. Warn him that each interruption will cost him five Electoral College votes;
  10.  If he continues to interrupt, proclaim Biden the election winner by forfeit.