Sunday, October 25, 2009

Living and Dying the NRA Way

Watching today's CBS Sunday Morning special edition broadcast dedicated to one subject, how our overweight society is endangering lives while affecting our culture and economic vitality, I couldn't help but notice that in a segment centered on food prepared outside the home, the defender of large portions, portions often laced with too much salt, sugar and fat, was the chairman of the NRA.

"If we're not responding to our customers, we won't be in business very long," said Michael Gibbons.

In other words, it's not guns that are evil. It's the people who use them irresponsibly.

Oops, wrong lobbying group. Gibbons is from the National Restaurant Association, not the National Rifle Association.

But how ironic that the group that has supersized America through humongous fast food and sit-down restaurant portions shares the same initials with the lobbying organization that sees nothing wrong EVER when guns are used to assault and kill innocents.

We are our own worst enemies. Either we kill ourselves quickly and explosively the NRA way, or we slow cook our way to death, the NRA way.